BetFuse Review Is BetFuse Legit Is Betfuse a scam

BetFuse Review: Is BetFuse Legit? Is Betfuse a scam?

Welcome to where we investigate money making opportunities to determine which opportunities are legit and which are scams.

Today we will be talking about Betfuse, a sport prediction platform operating on Telegram and currently being promoted by a variety of online influencers. Is BetFuse Legit? Is it a scam? Let’s investigate!!


As is our custom here at Freshnaira, we start our reviews from the platform’s background. It is important to know the faces behind an opportunity before making a commitment to invest your hard earned money in their services.

Who Runs BetFuse?


The identity behind BetFuse CEO remains unknown as no personal social media handle can be traced to his name, all what we could find are his name  (Abayomi Opeyemi) and a couple of pictures which do not reveal his facial identity. 

betfuse review
is betfuse scam

We could say that this feels like a red flag but it is understandable in the fact that running a platform that provides gambling advice is risky, bookies hate successful gamblers and may look to clamp down on services such as this, going after the CEO.

Furthermore, gambling is risky, as a gambler without a good risk management strategy stands the risk of losing all their money. Losing punters may go after him as well.

Having his name, a couple of pictures and verified bank statements is safe enough for BetFuse to pass this section.


Next, let us talk about the BetFuse operations, are they shady?


Is BetFuse a Scam?

We have come across many similar platforms that claim to provide fixed matches with 100% guarantee, but end up scamming people of their monies and further providing them with poor predictions making them loss both ways and wrecking their accounts completely.

However, BetFuse appears to be different – they do not claim to provide fixed matches but well analyzed predictions with a win rate higher than the loss rate, thereby giving subscribers some weekly returns on their bets.


This pattern of betting is synonymous with trading digital commodities like Forex and Cryptos. Punters with good risk management strategies can profit from this. Furthermore, it is important to note that this style of gambling is one of the only ways to earn long term profits from the betting industry, although you must have a good bankroll to start in other to make profits after paying BetFuse monthly fees of N18,000.


Can I Make Money With Betfuse?

To answer this question, we paid BetFuse Monthly fee and got into the VIP to see things for ourselves. After making payment and following instructions using the Betfuse Telegram bot, we were verified after about 2 hours.

betfuse review

The Max Bet predictions came in daily and some days ended with wins while others ended with losses. However, the predictions are pretty well researched and accurate and we have been able to make some profits.

However, it is important to note that the daily MaxBet odds range from 1.30 to 2.10 and you cannot expect to be profitable at the end of the month if you do not stake with a minimum of N10,000 daily.


This is because you pay N18,000 each month and should recover that amount with additional money to make any profits. If you cannot stake with a minimum of N10,000 daily but will still like to make money with BetFuse, I suggest you join our BetFuse contribution group were we share the fee amongst ourselves, make payment and get BetFuse daily VIP MaxBet tips at a lower price.

Conclusion: What We Think About BetFuse.

BetFuse from our experience is a decent sport prediction platform with expertise on predicting basketball outcomes, users can earn passive income there by using their MaxBet tips with a good staking plan. 

BetFuse Freshnaira Rating: 8/10

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