which crypto coin to invest buy freshnaira.com

Crypto hodling secrets how to spot coins that will make you profits

which crypto coin to invest buy freshnaira.com

I will like to say a big congratulations to you for making it this far. I will also like to warn you as well because things are about to get serious.

At this point, it is important that you set aside all distractions and pay close attention.

Like I earlier said, there are two ways to make life changing money with cryptocurrencies and I will show you how to use them. They are:

  1. Buying and Hodling coins until they rise in value and make you profits.
  2. Trading Cryptocurrencies for consistent profit whether their price go up or down.


Let’s start with the first.

All the coins you see on the top charts today started from somewhere, Solana (SOL) for instance was launched in March 2020 (Last year) with a starting price of $0.500801 today, Solana is trading for $242.72, which is a 48321.6% increase. If you had invested 10,000 Naira in Solana in 2020 (Last year), you would have made a profit of 4,800,000 Naira (4.8 million Naira) today. 100,000 could have made you 48 million Naira. That’s the life changing money i am talking about.

Crazy right?

Every single cryptocurrency in the top 100 charts today has grown over 5,000% since it was launched. More than 60% of those currencies were not in the top 100 charts in 2017 (5 years ago) and will not be in the top 100% charts in 2026, as they will be outperformed by new projects.

Let me say it again.

  1. Every single cryptocurrency in the top 100 charts today has grown over 5,000% since it was launched.
  2. More than 60% of those currencies were not in the top 100 charts in 2017 (5 years ago)
  3. More than 70% of cryptocurrencies in the top 100 charts today will not be in the top 100 in 2026 (5 years time), they will be outperformed (replaced) by new emerging projects.

Buying and hodling coins until they rise in value is considered by many to be the safest way to make money with cryptocurrencies, since it can be done by anyone with little or no experience with cryptos. However, buying and hodling can only make you profits if you buy and hold the right coins.

The reality is that for every 100 successful crypto projects that rise in value, they are 10,000 more that fail. It’s a two way thing, if you buy the right coins, you make life changing money and if you buy the wrong coins, you lose your money.

Furthermore, investing in the right project at the wrong time is another factor you have to put into consideration. It is not enough to invest in the right project, you have to invest at the right time, I earlier made an example with Solana. Whereas Solana is a good project, investing in it today may not be profitable as it may have already exhausted its growth potentials making a lot of money for early investors who may already be looking to exit.

The key is in spotting good projects and investing early enough and I will show you how.

Now, the questions are: How do you spot new projects that will make you life changing money? How do you differentiate between good and bad projects so you don’t make a bad investment?

I shall answer them one after another.

How do you spot new projects?

To spot a new project, you will need to go to the marketplace where all projects are listed, the most popular marketplace for cryptocurrencies is coinmarketcap.

However, being the most popular does not necessarily mean it is the best crypto marketplace as most projects are listed many months before they make it to coinmarketcap and people who buy them earlier are better positioned for success.

Projected are listed in this order:

  1. Launchpads: [Initial coin offering (ICO), Initial dex offering (IDO), Initial exchange offering (IEO)]. What this means is that, the admins of a project make limited quantities of their coins/tokens available to a close group of people for purchase before they are launched to the general public. The token price at this stage is way lower than it will be at launch. People who buy here can easily sell their tokens when they are launched for quick profits, i shall talk more about this later in this tutorial. I shall be posting updates on potential highly profitable initial offerings in the telegram channel, trust me – this has the potentials to change your life.
  2. DEXTOOLS: Dextools is basically the search engine for everything happening within the cryptocurrency space, here you can see new projects at the exact moment they are listed. You can also access their live trading chart to weigh their performance. Dextools also provides project ratings to help users choose the right coins to invest. I shall talk more about Dextools in the next section of this tutorial as it deserves an indebt review.
  3. Coingecko: This is one of the first milestones a token has to achieve in its journey to success. Projects are listed on coingecko earlier than they are listed on coinmarketcap, giving coingecko users an earlier advantage.

Lets proceed…

How to Spot Good Projects With Potentials For Future Growth?

This is what will guarantee your success or failure in this space.

Cryptocurrencies like every other rising industry is plagued with fraudulent practices. They are a multitude of fraudsters waiting to steal your money. They know you want to make money, they know you have money you’d like to invest and are ready to tell you what you want to hear. They are ready to offer you worthless projects in exchange for you money.

Many projects rise and fall every single day and their creators cart away investors money. Once you invest in a pump and dump project, your money is gone for good – there’s absolutely no hope for recovery. This you have to know and accept before we proceed.

Now that you know and are 100% aware of the dangers, I trust you will play safe and follow my instructions to stay safe. I believe 100% that you want to make money here and not loss the money you already have.

I earlier stressed the importance of buying good projects with fundamentals for success, I also talked about the importance of getting in early, as the earlier you invest into a good project the more profits you stand to make. I listed 3 different ways in which you can spot projects at their infancy and get in early enough for maximum profits at the shortest possible period of time. Now I will be talking about an even more important aspect you need to know and that is “how to spot good projects”… how to differentiate between good projects that will make you life changing money and bad projects that will make you lose your money.

While investing into initial offerings and using dextools to invest early is good and can make you a ton of money, knowing the right project to invest will guarantee you long term success… and there’s no better place to do your research than on coingecko

which coins to invest freshnaira.com

Scroll to the top section and click on recently added tab. Here you will find a list of all the altcoins that have been added recently. (If you are using a mobile phone and cannot find this tab, click on the top right hand side of your browser and switch over to desktop mode.)

All the coins you will find are newly launched and have the potential to make you insane profits or crazy losses, however as a wise investor your interest should be on those that will make you insane profits and I shall show you how to find and buy them.

Like I said earlier most projects are created by fraudsters to steal investors money, they make promises they won’t fulfill and are ready to funnel out every single penny invested by ignorant investors.

Remember we talked about trading volume in the previous section, incase you may have forgotten, permit me to refresh your memory as the term “trading volume” is very important to understanding the steps I will be outlining to you in this section.

Trading volume refers to the amount of money in the market, the higher the trading volume the bigger the market and the more credible it is. A market with a low trading volume is not fertile.

To beat a scammer, you have to think like him/her. If I want to create a scam project to make you invest so I can cart away your money, I will create one and input my own money in it to make it look credible, but there’s a limit to the amount of money I can afford to invest in my scam.

So therefore, the first thing you should be looking at in a new project is the 24 hour trading volume, this shows you the amount of money that have been traded in that project within the last 24 hours.

Only consider projects with a 24 hours trading volume that is greater than $10,000,000 (Ten million dollars).


which coin to invest freshnaira.com

Here is an example at the time of writing:

which coins to invest hodl hold freshnaira.com

Next, check the coins maximum supply

Maximum supply is another important factor you have to consider. The law of demand and supply is simple, high demand + low supply = higher price. Low Demand + high supply = low price.

Furthermore, it is simple logic to know that a scarce product is more valuable than a surplus product. If something is scarce in the market, the price has a tendency to increase. For example, we all witnessed the hike in the price of onions in 2020 when Onions were scarce, compare that to the current price.

The same applies to cryptocurrencies, if the coin has surplus supply its chances of growing are lower than coins with low supply. It is easier for a coin with a maximum supply of 1 billion to grow from $1 to $10 than a coin with a maximum supply of 1 Trillion. This is because the coin with low supply will need less investors to double in value than a coin with a high supply.

Price of a coin is derived from its market capitalization divided by its total supply. Let’s take Bitcoin for a example, the market cap of Bitcoin is $1,142,972,840,122 while its total supply is 21,000,000. When you divide $1,142,972,840,122 by 21,000,000 you get $60,551.14 which is its current price (at the time of writing).   

You are a smart person, you are in crypto to make money fast, rinse and repeat. What you should be looking for are coins with a maximum supply of within 1 billion to 100 billion USD as they have an edge over coins with huge and almost endless total supplies.

Here is an example:

which coin to buy invest hodle freshnaira.com

Next, look at the projects explorer by clicking on:

Link can be found here:

which coins to buy invest hodl freshnaira.com

Click on the project’s explorer tab to see the amount of wallets holding it and what each wallet is holding. This is to ensure that you are buying into a legit project with actual human investors and not just the creator’s trying to scam with fake trading volume.

Go through the explorer to ensure that no single wallet holds too much tokens, if 1 or 2 wallets hold upto 20% of the total supply you have to exit that project immediately, as such wallets could have been created by the projects admin to dump the price and take all the profit from ignorant investors.   

Next: Check the project’s website and social media handles

Check the project’s website to see what it is about, here you can see their mission, and how they plan to achieve it. You can review the milestones they have set out

To see how far they have gone. And most importantly, you should check the people behind the project, if the project does not list its team and founders – run away from it. You didn’t steal your money, you worked hard for it, and so you have to know the people who will be responsible for your success.

Do a google search on the names to ensure they are actual legit people and not fake names and pictures.

Furthermore, check the project’s social media handles (Twitter especially):

This is to ensure that the project is active on social media and has followers; here you can see what investors think of the project while also checking their previous activities to be certain that the project is transparent and gaining traction. If the project’s social media handles are dead, then it is not a serious project its chances of success are not good.

Check them up on YouTube

Search for the project on YouTube to see what influencers have to say about them.

This may appear to be a lengthy process. However,  you should understand the importance of due diligence while investing your hard earned money.


Please ask questions in the comment section below, and I will be glad to provide further explanations.


Having understood the basics and laid a solid crypto foundation with the right projects, I believe it is time to dive into cryptocurrency trading as i know that is what you have been waiting for. Cryptocurrency trading is actually where the passive income is, with trading you can set how much you wish to make on a daily basis and achieve your goals through the crypto trading strategy i shall teach you. Lets go…

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