Crypto-Trading in Plain English – Beginners Section

Beginners cryptocurrency trading course

You Made it!!!

Welcome to the world’s first plain English Cryptocurrency course that will make you money before the end of this week, even if you were born drunk or barred from succeeding by your ancestors.

Without wasting any of our precious time, let’s get straight to business.

For starters — What is a Cryptocurrency.

To understand what Cryptocurrency are, it is important to start off by understanding the meaning of the word “currency”.

Without opening any dictionary to waste your time on government sponsored definitions, a currency is simply something everyone accepts as a means of payment.

By everyone, I mean everyone. If you are in Nigeria, you should know that everyone here accepts Naira for everything, from blow jobs to bail and forgiveness of sins. If you are in the UK, you should have heard of the word Pounds; I heard everyone accepts it over there. Ghana – cedes, South Africa – Rands, the United States – Dollars. Etc…

That is your currency.

Who controls this currency? Who produces and determines its value?

The answer is simple… Your government and a bunch of other governments from different countries.

In other words, these currencies are “CENTRALISED”, centralized because they are controlled by a central body. Which is the government.

Why is The World Moving Away From Centralized Currencies Like The USD (Dollars), GBD (British Pounds), Nigerian Naira, Ghana Cedes etc.. Into Cryptocurrencies?

An average Nigerian farmer toils for 6 hours, 6 days a week, 26 days a month to make an average of 28,000 Naira which is equivalent to 60 dollars (USD) today, an amount which is barely enough to buy a bag of rice.

However, ten years ago 28,000 Naira was worth over 186 dollars (USD) and could buy over 6 bags of rice. Looking at the illustration above, you can clearly see that the farmer is working more for less. He is suffering because of poor decisions made by the government of his country. Poor government decisions affect every citizen with the country’s currency. The value of Naira 10 years ago is not the same as today, due to bad governance that has led to inflation.

Why should the majority have to suffer because of decisions made by a few?

The government of your country can decide how much money you are allowed to hold in your account, it can also decide how much money you are allowed to send out of the country to trade with people from other countries.

With this power, they know how much goes into your account and can decide to dip their hands at any point in time into your account to cash-out taxes and bill you according to their heart desires.

Did we create this Centralized systems? NO!

We only inherited it from people who lived over 770 years ago, people who wore these shoes.

And dressed like this.

History of clothes

But, look around you, we don’t dress like that anymore. Do we?

Then why the hell do we still use their financial system? Even when we have grown to be over 30X times their population?

Well, things are changing and that evolution has brought us to the age of Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies – Why Cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies are simply the opposite of the currencies you currently use. They are “DECENTRALISED” controlled by people all over the world (me and you) and not by centralized government institutions, they are produced (mined) by people all over the world, their values are not determined by government decisions but by the universal law of demand.  They are Global (Universal) currencies, their values do not change from one country to the next, 1 Bitcoin in Nigeria is 1 Bitcoin in the UK, China, United States etc…

Cryptocurrencies are like the internet. Just like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc… bring people all over the world together and give them the opportunity to communicate in real time, sending and receiving messages, photos, videos and live video calls without the need for corrupt central regulations, so does the invention of Cryptocurrencies seek to enhance the payment and remittance of money from one country to the another away from the grasp of corrupt central authorities. Crypto currencies also power future driven technological inventions that will change the way we live today.

Believe it or not, like the internet closed the social divide between people from different nations, such is the manner in which our current financial system is changing, and those with the most Cryptocurrencies will rule the world within a matter of years.

NEXT: We will be talking about types of Cryptocurrencies, how to buy them, how not to go broke by blindly buying and hodling them like a condemned dummy, and the best strategy to trade them for guaranteed daily profits. Setting you up for riches.

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