How to trade cryptocurrencies the right way

how to trade cryptocurrencies

Trading cryptocurrencies is the only guaranteed way to make consistent passive income with cryptocurrencies.

I shall show you my personal day trading strategy that will guarantee you a minimum of 2k daily with a small account and over 50k daily with a large account. The same day trading strategy I have been using on my personal trades for 4 years across stocks, forex and now cryptocurrencies.

I assure you will make money trading cryptocurrencies, however, to become a successful trader takes patience and consistency. You need to take your mind off fast easy money, arrogance and luxury.

Put your mind into treating trading as a business. A business man opens his shop every morning and hopes to end the day in profit, he is passionate about his business and is ready to reinvest and expand it.

A good trader looks at his charts in the morning, creates his setup and prepares to end the day with profits. He reinvests his profits into expanding his trading account over time. With patience and consistency, he/she becomes a multi-millionaire over time.

However, a digital trader has an important advantage over a regular businessman. A digital trader can set a daily profit target and stop trading once the target is achieved but a business man cannot. This gives you the flexibility to attend to other ventures and keep track of your family and financial life.

Trading is not a get-rich-quick venture.

Trading is not a get-rich-quick venture. Many traders fail because of their emotions, they make money today and loss it all tomorrow in the quest to become rich overnight. It is important to keep your emotions in check, while you focus on consistency and long term compounding gains. With proper risk management and a profitable strategy you cannot fail.

In this section, we will using a lot of videos, so get ready to watch them as I take you by the hand into my computer screen to teach you how it is done.

We will break this section into:

  • Two clap risk management strategy
  • Understanding trading charts
  • Candle formations and why professionals do not use candle sticks
  • How to place a trade, understanding market trades, limit trades and trailing stop trades.
  • A-Z of leverage and derivative trading. How to build small accounts into millions.
  • How to grow big accounts with zero risk trading arbitrage opportunities. How to spot arbitrage opportunities.
  • Trading set ups and pattern formations.
  • Profitable zero-risk indicator combinations
  • Introduction to my 2 inch day trading strategy
  • Trading edge and bankroll management

At the end, I shall provide a link to my telegram channel where I shall be posting daily alerts to my personal trades, the coins I am trading on, areas of entry, areas where I shall be taking profit and areas of stop loss.

While I will like to keep this free for everyone, I have to pay to maintain and keep this website running. Hence I will be requiring that you pay a token to access these contents as this will serve to motivate me to do more.

The idea is not to take your money, it is in providing value and making sure you use this value to create a better future for yourself and family. You are very much likely to make the amount you will pay for this section in your first trade with the knowledge you will gain here.

However, i will like to limit the numbers of student on this course to a maximum of 30 persons, this is to ensure that i can have the time to attend to everyone. the first 30 persons to enroll will be paying a token of ₦7,999 only.

After 30 persons enroll, i shall be closing access to the trading tutorial to reopen after the first sets of students share their success stories. however, when we reopen the price will be increased to its full worth ₦69,999. This i believe will be achieved before the end of 2021. 

Furthermore, it will be interesting to know that if after paying for the trading course and putting the trading tutorial into practice you do not make massive profits within 30 days, you can request for a refund and I will be glad to do so.

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