Jennifer Coolidge Credits ‘American Pie’ With Getting Her Laid 200 Times

Jennifer coolidge

In the event that there’s one thing Jennifer Coolidge will do, it’s slime an unquenchable, fringe, supernatural sexual moxy. Fortunately, the makers of American Pie perceived that in her right away, and cast her as Jeanine Stifler, a.k.a. the occupant hot mother of the establishment. That job, thusly, did ponders for her sexual coexistence, Coolidge told Variety. “I got a ton of play at being a MILF and I got a ton of sexual activity from American Pie,” she said in a meeting distributed Wednesday. “There were such countless advantages to doing that film. All in all, there would resemble 200 individuals that I couldn’t have ever laid down with.” Bestowed with MILF status, nonetheless, Coolidge has continued on toward what she thinks about the apex of her vocation (up until this point): the well off, marginally off the wall vacationgoer Tanya in Mike White’s The White Lotus. To Variety, she referred to the job as “perhaps of the best thing that consistently happened to me,” and “a stellar work that no other person figured I could do.”

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