how to make money through sport trading in nigeria

Make Money Through Sport Trading In Nigeria: How To Create a Bet365 And Betfair Account

Hello guys!

Welcome to my beginner guide to sport trading in Nigeria, if you are reading this then I believe you are already a member of my smart traders club, well if you are not, then I suggest you click HERE to join us today.

This review will be majorly introductory. Here, we will be taking a little dive into what sport trading is about, the opportunity it presents and the exchanges you should be trading on – if you are really serious about turning a profit.

At the end, you should have enough on your belt to dive right in and create an additional source of income for yourself…

Sport Trading

Sport trading is one of the fastest growing industries in the planet. Unlike other trading ventures like Forex, binary options and cryptocurrencies that require a great deal of expertise and professionalism to earn from, sports can be traded by even a bored 3 year old… winks!

make money through sport trading in nigeria
Give me Sports!

The opportunities sport trading present’s are enormous due to the fact that it hasn’t gone mainstream enough to attract big players (financial and government institutions) like is the case with Forex trading, Crypto trading etc…

As you can see, there literally is no better time to trade sports than now.

Difference Between Sport Betting And Sport Trading.

Before I go further, I will like to correct one little-tiny-thingy that I believe is on your mind right now — The difference between sport betting and sport trading.

Well, here is a short answer to that. Sport trading is putting your money on sport events even before they start and hoping that the result will go your way and make you a ton of money! However, the reality is that 98 out of 100 people who do things that way (the sport betting way) end up on the losing side.

Make Money Through Sport Trading In Nigeria

However, sport trading on the other hand is a lot more flexible, here you don’t put your money on an event and hope that the final results turn out favourable, rather, you watch statistics and follow proven strategies that create profits over specified timeframes.   

Make Money Through Sport Trading In Nigeria

Furthermore, it is logically impossible to create a career out of sport betting but very possible to create a career out of sport trading (like myself). With sport trading, you can set financial goals and achieve them one after the other. You can set how much you wish to make on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis – follow proven strategies and see your goals materialize with ease.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s dive right straight into how to get started with sport trading.

Getting Started

For starters, you will need a platform to trade with.

There are basically 2 types of platforms/exchanges you can use. They include:

  1. Centralised Platforms/Exchanges
  2. Decentralised Platforms/Exchanges

Centralised platforms are run by single authorities (owners) who set prices for events (odds) in which case users are left with no choice but to go with the odds presented. Good centralised platforms include BET365, Ladbroke, paddy power, William hill etc…

Decentralised platforms on the other hand, act as bridges between sport traders, here the prices (odds) on events are determined to a large extent by the number of traders involved on such events. Apparently, traders on decentralised platforms/exchanges trade against themselves.

The major advantage that decentralised exchanges have over centralised platforms is their BACK and LAY option where users can either back an outcome (to happen) or lay it (not to happen). 

For example, if Manchester United is playing against Chelsea, and Manchester United takes the lead 1-0 and are looking good to go on and win the game, a trader on a decentralised exchange can Lay the draw – meaning that the game will not end in a draw. A good decentralised exchange is BETFAIR.

Centralised platforms do have their advantages as well, one of them is speed – backing an outcome on centralised exchanges is instant (with no time delay or whatsoever) as against decentralised exchanges where you might have to wait for some time for your trade to be matched.

Summarily, using a decentralised exchange (like betfair) means, you will be trading against normal people, while using a centralised exchange (like BET365), means you will be trading against the platform itself.

What Can You Tell Me About Opening A Bet365 Account In Nigeria?

I favour bet365 because I personally use them, and have made a ton of money out of them. They offer a variety of markets and options that suite my personal strategies (the same strategies that I use to rake in cash on a daily basis).

Bet365 offers options such as live-cashout (partial or whole), bet-builders etc… they also serve free inplay feeds and livestreams, among other services.


Furthermore, their deposit and cashout options are speedy and hitch-free, so I strongly recommend you start out with bet365

To open a bet365 account, all you have to do is

  1. Head over to their official website.
  2. Click On Create Account
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Confirm your email address
  5. Make your first deposit
  6. Start trading using my proven step by step strategy

You can easily open and deposit on your bet365 account, however, you will need to verify your identity to be able to withdraw any funds from bet365. This is in line with their KYC (know your customer) policy that seeks to deter unidentified usage of their platform for nefarious purposes.

The entire account verification process is relatively easy, all you have to do is a upload government approved means of identification (Nigerian national ID or print out) and a utility bill (You can use your electricity bill “Nepa Bill”).

Bet365 accepts deposits from a variety of methods, such as credit/debit cards etc… You can also look at other platforms like Ladbroke, William hill etc..

Furthermore, the same process can be applied to opening an account on betfair.


Knowing about sport trading is one thing, while trading and making profits is another.

You can decide to trade on your own, loss a lot of money and learn the hard way or join us at the smart traders club where I share my

  • Best trading strategies
  • Provide in-depth tutorials
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